Welcome to our new Website!

Welcome to the new and refreshed Cornerstone Chalet website!

We’re always updating and improving the Cornerstone Chalet, so we thought it was high time our website reflected that.  From landscaping around the property and a new hot tub, to fresh looks inside and new electronics, we’re excited to share all the new perks for guests who stay at Cornerstone Chalet.

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Cozy Comfort

Laura posted on our Facebook page about how cozy her stay was:

“This place was so cozy when we stayed here last year! I can’t wait to try the ‘ski-in’ tactic this coming season on a pow day.” - Laura

If you’d like to try skiing into Cornerstone Chalet, we have marked a new ski-in trail for advanced skiers and riders.  The chalet is not a ski-out place, but the nearest ski run is a short five minute walk up Sunburst Drive – great way to warm up your feet and toes before a day in the snow!